Le Garage

Branding & Website Design

A neighborhood restaurant with French, do-it-yourself flair.

When we first met Le Garage, it was a subterranean space still in search of a name. The owner was inspired by the French garagistes, who produced bold wines right out of their own garages. We took that DIY approach and ran with it, creating a logo with practical appeal—the fleur is inspired by metal hardware—that was stamped on everything from growlers to frites cones. The menu and website followed suit. The result was a hardworking brand that nicely complemented the restaurant’s blue-collar appeal.



  • Branding
  • Menu and Collateral Design
  • Production Management
  • Web Design
  • UX/Web Development
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Email Marketing

The menu was engineered to showcase restaurant specialties while remaining flexible enough to accommodate nightly changes and in-house printing.