Cure for the Common Wait

Rapid, point-of-care diagnostics transform healthcare.

Prior to its 2017 acquisition by Abbott, Alere was the world’s leading provider of rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. These amazing machines allowed healthcare providers to diagnose and treat faster than ever, virtually anywhere in the world. They democratized healthcare. Our work included developing their corporate campaign, “Knowing now matters;” their HIV campaign, “Make Positive (+) More Positive;” designing and developing their first-ever, entirely digital annual report; and creating the “Test. Target. Treat” international campaign to promote antimicrobial stewardship.


Knowing Now Matters

About Project

Even though it was the number one provider of rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostics, Alere as an international brand enjoyed far less awareness than the individual products it sold. Using highly targeted digital advertising and NPR sponsorships, Exit10 was successful in helping Alere go from being the fifth most recognized company to the most recognized. They even were considered the “thought leader” and the “quality leader” after just 9 months of advertising in a client-initiated market research study conducted by Ipsos.

  • Campaign Development

  • Digital Advertising & Design

  • Geofencing & Geotargeting

  • Video Production


Make (+) More Positive

About Project

As a leading manufacturer of rapid response HIV testing kits, Alere wanted an engaging booth at the World AIDS conference in Rome. Exit10 developed the idea to "Make (+) More Positive." It’s a position that works much harder than just a trade show booth, since Alere helps enable HIV+ patients to live long, fruitful lives. Our booth was designed to allow attendees to create their own (+) sign artwork to an overwhelming response. Not only did we cover the entire booth with artwork, the conference gave us additional wall space so we could put each picture on display. We generated thousands of pieces of art, as well as thousands of pictures, tweets and social media posts.

  • Campaign Creative & Strategy

  • Event Marketing

  • Digital & Traditional Advertising

  • Social Media & Public Relations


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