Playing it Safe

Helping a Fortune 500 company become better for the community.

In 2004, CSX was told they weren’t doing enough to promote train safety. Exit10 was chosen to help. Since then, not only have we helped make CSX the leader in railroad safety messaging, we’ve also helped create their own Corporate Social Responsibility platform, with their own branded environmental initiative called Trees for Tracks. We’ve helped them better support local charities in their markets, recruit new employees, and make good use of a major sponsorship presence in NASCAR.


Safety Messaging

About Project

You may think it’s common sense to stay off railroad tracks – but it isn’t. Data proved that train-related deaths were on the rise, from college campuses to rural communities to cities. Exit10 partnered with CSX to change that. We knew there was no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We threw eggs at billboards to demonstrate a train car collision. We turned headphones into killers. We even took college basketball sponsorships just a bit further by handing out "Miss It" signs to students to hold up during opponent free throws, with a safety message about "missing" trains on each. Whatever we could do to make people spend just one additional second thinking about the dangers of railroad tracks was a success.

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Beyond Our Rails

About Project

CSX is an industry leader in spearheading safety, environmental and wellness initiatives that better not only CSX employees, but also their families and the communities where CSX lives and breathes. The Beyond Our Rails program champions engagement and events while creating a space for employees to take on leadership roles in their communities. A complementary, comprehensive media site showcases CSX's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts through video, articles, design and infographics.

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FFA Convention

The National FFA Convention is the country's largest annual student gathering, with more than 63,000 students, teachers and advisors in attendance. CSX, a national leader in the transportation industry, asked Exit10 to help them make a positive impact there each year. In 2014, CSX wanted to showcase its role in food transport. We developed an interactive booth, where visitors could follow two tracks that detailed CSX's part in the making of corn into food and animal feed. We then used #EveryKernelCounts to get students involved in fighting hunger in the U.S. For each photo tagged on social media, CSX donated 32 meals to families in need. The photos were then printed to form a large mural at the booth.


Trees for Tracks

After decades of partnering with a variety of non-profit organizations, CSX asked Exit10 to help create a proprietary CSR initiative. The solution was called “Trees for Tracks,” a program designed to offset CSX’s carbon footprint by planting one tree for every mile of track that CSX operates. The program was so successful, we ended up planting many times that amount, and won the hearts and minds of many of the communities where CSX has important relationships. 



About Project

CSX tapped into NASCAR to spread its "Play It Safe" around railroad tracks campaign. The relationship with a NASCAR team began with a simple bumper sticker that read "I brake for trains" and was placed on the rear bumper of the car. The demand for that bumper sticker was so great, CSX increased its presence in the sport, and expanded its PR efforts around messaging. We’ve even put a pledge to brake for trains on the hood of an actual race car, and had fans sign the hood.

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  • Public Relations

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