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Helping Mobil 1 meet business objectives through racing.

As one of the premier racing lubricant manufacturers, Mobil 1 has a presence in almost every level of racing worldwide. Mobil 1 has asked Exit10 to help maximize their exposure and relationships within many of the racing circles. From at-track activations, contests and videos to car dealership events and dealership integrations, we’ve helped Mobil 1 make sure they’re not only reaching customers, but also expanding their relationships with some of their biggest B-to-B customers.


Dirt Giveaway

About Project

Mobil 1 tapped Exit10 to help maximize their presence at the grassroots racing level. It’s a very broad scope of work which includes designing and activating the Mobil 1 booth at races, creating and producing giveaway items, creating contests to give away new vehicles and all-expense trips to races, creating race recap videos, and working with Mobil 1 drivers to make sure they’re delivering Mobil 1’s messaging requirements.

  • Strategy & Activation
  • Social Media
  • Design, Writing & Video
  • Media Buying

Tales from a Tundra

About Project

Toyota is one of Mobil 1’s largest customers. Mobil 1 tapped Exit10 to help create social media content which helped promote Toyota, as well as the relationship between Mobil 1 and Toyota. We created “Tales From A Tundra,” a video series featuring prominent Toyota drivers talking about racing life while driving around in a Toyota Tundra. Not only did the videos link the two brands while showcasing a Toyota vehicle, they also helped Mobil 1 promote the stores that carried Mobil 1’s Truck & SUV Motor Oil.

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Social Media

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